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When Angus and Sonya Dowling were considering a boarding school for their daughter Anna, they wanted a school that provided a home-like environment and opportunities to broaden her horizons.

"The whole boarding environment is very warm and friendly ... it is a real family environment”, said Sonya Dowling, mother of Year 7 PLC Sydney Boarder, Anna Dowling (centre).

Having grown up in the regional NSW area of Murringo, and now living away from home in Sydney, Anna agrees that the Boarding House is like living with family. “The seniors are very supportive. They come and put us to bed at night and always have a chat to us. And Ms Turner, Director of Boarding is lovely. Sometimes I call her mum accidentally! You can speak to her about pretty much anything and all the staff are really nice. The food is incredible and everything about the Boarding House makes it feel like home.”

PLC Sydney has lots of opportunities for girls to be involved in a wide range of activities and subjects. A keen sports woman, Anna says “one of my favourite things about PLC Sydney would be the variety of sport we get to play and the coaching is just incredible. I do like Visual Arts too, like painting and sculpture, as well as Science – especially the experiments!”

Anna’s father Angus likes the diversity that PLC Sydney offers. “Anna has the experience of growing up in the country, but now having the opportunity to attend PLC in Sydney means she gets to experience children from different backgrounds, so it broadens her horizons. We know how much she enjoys PLC Sydney, they have wonderful facilities for them to use and wonderful coaches and teachers so it is a fantastic opportunity for her.” 

Boarding Options at PLC Sydney
  • Full boarding is the most common arrangement where girls reside in the Boarding House during term time. All Boarders may apply for weekend leave with family and friends as approved by parents and Guardians.
  • Weekly boarding allows students to return home to the families every weekend. Weekly boarders are expected to reside in the Boarding House from Monday to Friday.
  • Temporary boarding is available to school families subject to availability, when a vacant bed is available in their specific year groups.

For more information about boarding at PLC Sydney, please contact our Director of Enrolments at OR 

Download our Boarders’ Handbook.