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In the particular case of girls, it has been shown that a multi-discipline approach, taking into account their particular learning preferences, was strongly advocated to realise their potential and encourage the study of mathematics at the highest possible level.

The exposure to mathematical ideas at the appropriate levels in the junior years, enables a smoother transition into the more difficult topics senior students encounter.

Schools like PLC Sydney have taken the innovative approach of employing experienced mathematics educator such as Dr Lloyd Dawe, PLC Sydney’s Mathematician-in-Residence to work alongside classroom teachers to realise the mathematical potential of their students.

The main goals of a mathematics enrichment programs are:

  • Encourage students to think beyond the curriculum
  • Develop thinking skills towards problem solving that incorporates patience, diligence and creativity while developing alternative methods of solution
  • Empower students to pursue excellence in mathematics and applications to Science,Technology and Engineering (STEM)

“Mathematics at PLC Sydney makes connections through universities and fosters a growth mindset through varying incursions and enrichment,” says Mrs Dianne Balkizas, Head of Mathematics at PLC Sydney.

“The students are encouraged to engage with mathematics material that requires them to struggle with concepts they don’t often encounter in the syllabus. We are unique in our approach to realising student potential and the promotion of Mathematics as a career choice. In 2017, we have been invited to attend the University of Sydney for their ‘Girls in Maths add up!’ day. It is a special interactive event designed to inspire and encourage young women to continue their studies in Mathematics and Statistics in their senior years at school, and hopefully beyond. Additionally, it is a great chance to find out more about the growing opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Our senior girls also attended UNSW for the ‘Girls Do The Maths’ workshop where graduates and lecturers engaged them in interesting aspects of Mathematics in the real world. As a staff, we are always looking for new initiatives to promote further study in Mathematics.”

As a results of their enrichment program, the school has seen a substantial increase in student performance in the Australian Mathematics Competition and the Australian Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad.

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STEM at PLC Sydney

Below are a list of the key highlights of PLC Sydney's STEM Program: 

  • Strong program in Mathematics across both the Junior and Senior Schools.
  • Mathematician-in-Residence: Prof Lloyd Dawe... excites and extends students in their Mathematical applications
  • Accelerated Maths programs... Extn 1 HSC Maths in Year 11 (the program begins in Year 8)
  • Specialist Junior Science teacher... emphasis on experimenting, measuring and observing
  • A Junior Science program based on Experimental Method... developing strong skills in the analysis and evaluation of experimental results
  • Year 9 - 10 Elective: Cambridge Physical Science... extends students in Physics and Chemistry
  • Students representing in China at a Secondary Schools Science Expo
  • Success in external competitions such as ICAS Maths and Science, NSW Science Teacher Assoc. Young Scientist of the Year Awards, RACI Crystal Competition, RACI NSW Titration Competition, Brain Bee and more

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